Tied Spreadeagled To The Bed And Fucked – Starring Fayth Deluca

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Waterbondage finally does its first shoot at the Armory! Fayth Deluca is tied up and thoroughly cleaned up, several floors beneath ground level in the Armory shower room. This location has a truly creepy atmosphere, which blends nicely with what we do here. Fayth blends nicely with what we do here as well. She is charming, sexy, tough and alot of fun to use and abuse. We hope to be seeing more of Fayth. And we plan on doing more shoots at the Armory soon. Stay tuned.

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The border youÂ’ve drawn between agony and ecstasy is false. Surrendering to pain brings you to your ecstasy. Watch people involved in the indescribable orgy of bandaged flesh, feeling eternal pain and been tortured by brutal masters giving no mercy to the slaves` flash. If your master needs new ideas of torturesÂ… Or if you are a master and can`t cause more pain to slave than you do – send him to our site or get in yourself. You`ll never miss new ideas and tricks for future. Bondage actions, flesh torturing, overflowing pain and subsequent sacral pleasure. Everything`s in! Join the demonic orgies now. Touch your dream with tears of suffer and felicity. See the master applying his skills to fill the body of the slave with pain and suffer. When pain saturates all the slaves` body they both come to the apogee of ecstasy. The incredible delight of mind and body – that`s what the pain and torture gives. When you will learn the basic statements of getting pleasure through the pain you will achieve that level when demonic torture will rip your body and soul – and you`ll be enjoying that! Agony and pain is the reflection of ecstasy and its first cause. Pain is like a doze of Morphine for these people. They need more and more day to day. And they can`t skip any torture. Suffer is their life. Pain is their fix.

Just touch the depths of your mind and soul – there you will find an insuperable desire for pain, which will bring you to the peak of ecstasy you have never thought you would have.

Are you bored with habitual tortures? Or not satisfied with your slave, or wanna find some new tricks to play. Everything is in. Agony and suffer of the slaves, depravity, violence of masters – everything is never known before. Do you know what the slave`s love depends on? The more cruel and violent the master is – the more humiliated and loving the slave will be. Are you satisfied with your life? You are the slave of the system. BUT! System gives you much pain and less pleasure. We give you sinful sexual pleasure so that you can drown in. How long can you live without air? One minute? Maybe two? People on our site can`t live without pain and tortures even less. They`ll do everything to get their fix. Everyone is looking for something new, especially in sex. They find unconventional and appealing features on our site and remain our members yet and for long time. Have you ever felt anything more hot than the ecstasy you get torturing brutally the body of your slave?

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